Capes for Ladies

because we want to fly around and kick some ass too

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A community for women and girls who read superhero comics


Facts Women and girls read superhero comics. Women and girls have opinions on superhero comics. Same goes for other kinds of comics as well.
Therefore We have created this space for women and girls to come and share their thoughts, loves, gripes, and anything else about comics, superhero or not.

Rules Please read before you post.
1. All posts must be related to comic books or graphic novels in some way. Additionally, all posts should be related to women in some way (be it female writers, artists, characters; or your thoughts, as a female, on something related to comics).
2. Reviews, articles, art, fanfic, icons, and discussion are all welcome.
3. Please do not make a post solely to promote another comm.
4. This community is meant to be a safe space for women, girls, fans of color, LGBT fans, trans fans, etc. Discussion and debate is encouraged; derailing will get you warned; insults or flaming will get you banned. For more information on derailing, read this post.
5. All that being said, guys are welcome too!
6. Place large art or long text behind a cut.
7. Place spoilers under a cut with a brief warning.
8. Please warn for the following, and place behind a cut: rape/non-con, excessively graphic violence, graphic murder, and domestic abuse.

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